IPowerE Technology Seminar 2023

IPowerE Technology Seminar 2023

IPowerE Technology Seminar and 74th Annual Luncheon

On Friday 17th March, Simon Lee, Aaron Lee and Matt Evans attended the IPowerE Technology Seminar & 74th Annual Luncheon at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Tower Bridge, London. They were accompanied by Mel Swift of GTC’s Head of Electricity Operations.

The theme of the seminar was ‘Energy Security in Uncertain Times’.

The event included many top speakers including Will Kirk-Wilson from National Grid who spoke about delivering the ESO 2025 ambition and working towards a zero carbon system.

The former British Rally Championship driver Penny Mallory spoke about The Psychology of Success and how she battled against the odds to achieve her dream.

For more information on the event from the hosts, please click here.

Other speakers included Mark Howitt from Storelectric who spoke about Compressed Air Energy Storage, Sam Adlen from Satellite Applications Catapult regarding Space Based Solar Power, Terry Raddings from GE Gas Power who spoke about Flexible Fuels- The Way Forward for Gas Turbines, Andrew Carter from Moove Lubricants who spoke about Contribution of Engine Coolants to Reliability and Frans de Boer from DB Agri Ltd regarding From Farmer to Energy Exporter.

According to those who attended it was a very inspiring and informative day.

One key message amplified throughout the day was that we need to focus on maintaining security of supply just as much as our focus on reducing our environmental impact through our transition to net zero.