ESO Announcement FSO

ESO Announcement FSO

Government unveils new Independent Future System Operator

In 2022 after consulting with various industries involved with Climate change, Ofgem and the government decided a separate organisation was required to take on a whole system approach.

This organisation will give independent views on the entire electricity and gas energy systems, help deliver Net Zero and ensure household bills are affordable in the future.

The organisation is founded on the Electricity System Operator (ESO) but will have new responsibilities. The new organisation will be known as National Energy System Operator (NESO) and will be operational from the 1st July 2024.



Fintan Slye, Executive Director of ESO said:

“We’re delighted and excited to reach a key next step in our journey and to introduce the identity of this new organisation, “National Energy System Operator”, which will be at the heart of the whole energy system. We are continuing to deliver on our core role of energy security, affordability, and sustainability as ESO today, and to transform elements of the business to ensure we are ready to take on new accountabilities as the National Energy System Operator later this year."  


Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive of Ofgem said:

“A fully independent system operator will help to transform Great Britain’s energy system and cut customers’ energy bills. Critically, the Future System Operator will ensure that we will build a smart, efficient and flexible system that will mean that Britain moves to a secure low carbon and low-cost system. We look forward to working with National Grid, government and the wider industry to implement this important change in the way the energy system is managed.”