Environmental and Sustainability Policy

In accordance with their duty under Environmental Legislation and in fulfilling their obligations to both employees and the public who may be affected by the company’s activities; the Directors of Energy Network Services have produced the following statement of policy in respect of the environment and of sustainability.

It is our aim to work effectively and efficiently with any impact on the local and global environment reduced as much as possible. The company is fully committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and to the reduction of its impact on the environment through its activities.

We undertake to discharge our statutory duties by:

• Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and statutory requirements
• Ensuring that the Environmental Policy is actively communicated to all employees and interested parties
• Adopting a system of integrated pollution control through reuse, recycling, and waste minimisation for all company activities
• Ensuring the correct management of all wastes, therefore maximising the efficient usage of natural resources wherever possible
• Periodically reviewing and updating the Environmental Management System to ensure it remains effective
• Providing adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to all staff to prevent any possible pollution to the environment.

The company regards the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, as a mutual objective between management, employees and other interested parties that are engaged in the company’s activities.

It is good practice within the business environment at work, both for environmental and financial reasons, to ensure that energy is not wasted.
This policy would include the avoidance of the following bad practices: leaving lights on in an empty room; leaving the heat on or turned up too high unnecessarily; leaving computer monitors, printers, or other electrical equipment turned on or on standby overnight or at weekends; leaving windows open whilst the air conditioning is on; wasting paper unnecessarily; leaving engines running and making unnecessary journeys.
In connection with transport, vehicle users should combine trips or consignments to ensure that the best use of transport is made; taking the shortest route; avoid making unnecessary business trips; driving at a speed or in a manner which is reasonably economical; and using alternative forms of transport to ensure that travel is both economically and environmentally viable.

Please be vigilant at all times in respect of these matters and generally, with a view to avoiding wasting energy. It is important that you do so both for the business and to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.