Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide all our stakeholders with reliable, cost effective and safe networks. We work with our customers to help them improve their profitability, mitigate their risk and satisfy their mandatory obligations while providing clear, detailed and appropriate advice which meets the current and future predicted requirements throughout all stakeholder involvement.

We are committed to achieving these goals by:

Continually utilising our KPI processes and procedures. We have in place clear indicators to evaluate business performance at various levels including staff performance, operational efficiency and process & procedure effectiveness. We also actively seek supplementary information through employee feedback, formally evaluated lessons learnt and actively seeking best practice in everything we do.

Providing of resources and training to employees. We continuously focus on expanding our employees’ knowledge; enhancing their competencies; providing required coaching, mentoring and support to enable all staff to work to their full potential. To achieve this, we actively seek and provide gold standard training and development resources alongside seeking, obtaining, and maintaining tools & equipment to enable staff to undertake their work in the correct and safest way.

Maintaining a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015. We operate and maintain a robust QMS which not only complies with the mandatory obligations of ISO 9001:2015 but follows all recommendations which provide benefit to the company. The QMS fundamentally achieves this through a distinct fit for purpose design additionally incorporating quality requirements stipulated by the Lloyds Register National Electricity Registration Scheme and the Energy & Utilities Skills Register National Skills Academy Power Scheme.

Continually improving the Quality Management System. We are continuously improving the QMS through structured internal auditing and feedback processes & procedures. To supplement these auditing activities, we frequently review with the receptive viewpoint of re-determining the context of the company to ensure necessary changes are identified, developed & implemented. Following this approach, we actively undertake continual development and improvement of our QMS in order to maintain a fit for purpose system.

Communication of the Policy and QMS to staff. We understand the difficulty of correct use of administrative documents by kinaesthetic workers and actively work to ensure that the QMS is as user friendly as possible. We further ensure that the QMS is explained to all staff as required to ensure maximum understanding and correct use.