If your LV or HV network goes down, will your business go with it?

Regular and routine maintenance of your low- and high-voltage plant and associated equipment is mission critical for many enterprises and organisations. Not only to retain your operational efficiency but to protect you from falling foul of the law.


We can deliver such programmes for you and satisfy the various codes of practice recommended by (in some cases enforced by statute) the Health and Safety Executive, the British Standards Institute and the Electricity at Work

Regulations, 1989.


For reference purposes, the British Standards relating to HV plant are, among others:

  • B.S. 6626:1985
  • B.S. 5263:1975
  • B.S. 5611:1978
  • B.S. 6423:1983
  • B.S. 6480:1988
  • B.S. 6622:1991


The various regulations also require that personnel working on electrical systems must be suitably trained and experienced. We only employ fully trained, competent, authorised and senior authorised people.

In addition and to add real value, we:

  • follow strict schedules of work to create a controlled and safe environment
  • offer a reporting system on plant condition, before and after any remedial treatment
  • recommend any future work that’s needed and why
  • issue a comprehensive formal report upon the completion of work.