When time is money, we’ll help save you both.


Faults in your LV or HV network can be horrendous to locate, costing time and money. What’s more, they can have dire consequences for your operational efficiency, productivity and profitability.


So when you have a fault in your network and you want a rapid, effective response, call Energy Network Services.


Our expert ‘fault find and fix’ service gets your business re-energised fast, day or night. Using the latest technologies we can pinpoint the exact location of a fault to minimise the number of excavations and disruption. We can apply the following methods of location:


    Pulse Reflection

    Impulse Current

    Pulse Echo

    Murry/Wheatstone Resistance Bridge


And whilst on site we are able to offer a complete cable repair and SAP service to get your power supplies back on and staying on.